Monday, 20 January 2014

The Things We Say

After a long hiatus I am returning to my blogs...some of these are old poems of mine, some just musings and some may even be real. Well today I would like to talk about how we see ourselves in our kids and realise that our parents were not really crazy after all.

My lad, Evan, is eleven years old and like me he can get absorbed in detail and be totally oblivious to reality. I find myself chirping obvious lines to him like, "shoes, on your feet", don't forget your coat, it is in the coat cupboard!" Suddenly this morning I realised why my mother used to state things to me that were so obvious. The funniest was that she would ask what I wanted and I would reply, "just come down for a glass of water", she would then invariably say "it's in the tap!"
My Mam and Dad just before they got even older!