Thursday, 1 October 2009

The Friday Night Movie

I've just been reading on facebook a discussion by some friends about favourite Horror Movie stars. Some time ago I wrote a jokey little poem about the old Friday night horrors I would watch as a young teenager on the TV at about half-past-ten at night. I dedicate this poem to Chris and Tonya.

The Friday Night Movie (for Chris and Tonya)

Essssh!! Lee's teeth and the flame in his eyes.
Flesh pastures of breast as an innocent dies
To the bleating of lambs, and the torment of flex
Cutting into the strands of a weakened sex.

Pictures of infamy, horror and shame
In England's sweet gardens of lusty game.
Vampire circuses, the occasional dud,
Arboreal acting and theatres of blood.

Long shot of mansion, then cut to a coach
The lashing of horses, a cliched approach.
Interior showing the lead, photogenic.
A wintry landscape in long shot scenic.

Compendium stories of journeys to hell,
On a train with Roy Castle is that sulphur we smell.
A gaunt Peter Cushing reminds us to be wary,
As the ten-year-old boy finds his Friday nights scary.


  1. Excellent, but should be read in the style of Vincent Price....

  2. I certainly agree Chris. Vinnie's one of my all time favourite actors. Especially in Theatre of Blood (hilarious).