Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Happy Birthday Marie 100

I've just been reading thread on twitter called HappyBirthdayIvy. At 104 today, Ivy Bean is reckoned to be the oldest tweeter. I hope she is still active and alert, unlike this unfortunately lost person I read about in a local paper a few years back.

Happy Birthday Marie 100

Happy Birthday Marie, 100,
splashed across the evening news.
Replete with colour photograph
and wearing another girl's shoes.

Happy Birthday Marie, not knowing.
In meltdown, fused in your chair.
Your family, it says, loved the telegram,
and look, there's the Deputy Mayor!

Happy Birthday Marie, not hearing.
The paper describes you, past tense.
You dream of a cat that sits on your lap,
While none of this makes any sense.

Happy Birthday Marie - demented -
alone with your family 'round.
Long suffering daughter with crucifixed grin,
aware that you're already drowned.

I'm sorry this is so bitter, but I felt angry at a newspaper article.

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