Thursday, 3 September 2009

Kids can do your head in!

My 7 year old son has been playing with his cars this morning F1 Grand Prix style. His interests take on a mix of pragmatism and a stern adherence to rules. Recognising that timed practice would take too long, and that qualifying was tricky as bathtime would interrupt Q2 (besides, his bedroom floor does not allow for fast times...combination of cold surface and extraneous toys) he decided to draw lots for grid position. The clever little fella proceeded to write names of all drivers out only asking me how to spell Algursuari, Grosjean and Fisichella (I have no idea if my spellings are right) and drew the names from his Spiderman cap. Button's luck held and he polled 2nd behind Raikkonen (Trulli 3rd). As to cars, Red Bull got the short straw with red double decker buses, Vettel favouring the open-top variety. Alonso is driving a petrol tanker, most unfortunate is Grosjean who is revving a tube train (Jubilee line). Button, despite being favoured with the yellow lamborghini looks set to disappoint once more.

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