Thursday, 3 September 2009

Teatime Holocaust

Following on from the last blog. I have to admit that I was a child once. I would play with very small plastic soldiers (approx 2cm tall). I wrote this poem about a shattering experience I had.

Teatime Holocaust

lined five deep
bolstered by artillery
the Highlanders and the Arabs
made strange allies
many uniforms blending in one purpose

Defeat Evil

The terrain was kind
not too uneven
only the lighter, more fragile combatant
occasionally lost his footing

their commander was prepared
one could say excited
by the forthcoming engagement
he made final calculations and prepared to...

a blinding light
a wind from nowhere
All units were f l a t t e n e d in an instant
a size 10 shoe added to the decimation

"Dad, you weren't supposed to be home yet!
I'll have to set them all up again now!"


  1. Great stuff Gavin! I have put your blog on my blog (as a follower) by the way. Really love your writing, and that picture of the owls. jess

  2. Lovely to hear from you Jess...I'll get you a full size print made if you like... just let me know. I'm a bit down this evening, so the next blog may be a bit of a depressing one.