Sunday, 6 September 2009

Indy! and The Last Bullet

This weekend we have bought an Indiana Jones Trilogy on DVD and are enjoying a couple of days of adventures. We decided to get these films because Evan loved Kingdom of the Crystal Skull when we watched it last week. Speaking of which, this fourth film was much better than I anticipated, it having had some mixed reviews...still I hope they leave it now and don't make another with the badly cast Shia Le Boeuf (more like Shia Le Ham). Its great being able to share movies with your kids and see them get kicks out of the same things that you did. I've written poems about movies and movie stars. Here's one I wrote about Richard Widmark when he died last year.

The Last Bullet
No actor did grit like Richard Widmark
With a canine curl to his lip.
Tearing at Poitier,* this underfed shark,
While faint hearts felt every rip.

Richard, lean and athletic, eyes cold steel.
Widmark took nobody's B.S.
Defiant, once he was tied to a wheel,*
Still pulled the folks out of a mess!

Monochrome noir, Texas fort infernal,
Cold War chills, hot Montana sun.
Dickie Wid* was Everyman's kernel,
Sleek bullet, the point to the gun.

Poitier*: Sidney Poitier, co-starred (or co-sparred) with Widmark in The Bedford Incident, a cold war nuclear thriller.
tied to a wheel*: in a Western called The Last Wagon.
Dickie Wid* - what my Dad used to call Mr Widmark.

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