Tuesday, 8 September 2009

...which way does the wind blow?

Got a mixture of things tonight. Done a library rhymetime today, very good, cute babies I guess. Went to Home Park and listened to a fantastic storyteller called Pat Ryan. Worked this evening with teenagers at Library. A busy day like today should make me feel really good and positive. I somehow don't, I feel a bit empty and directionless tonight. Very down.

A Self-Reflecting: Anglo-Saxon Church

pale hearts deny the sound
of the living underground
can view not the dead
as morsels of new bread

Gravestones lean
With age.
Derelict church.

Cragged ragged slate,
Windows broken,
Is nature breaking in,
Or a relinquished God
Breaking out?

A stubborn piece of stone
Worn letters resisting the lichen,
To the Memory of
My Beloved Wife, Mary.
At the head of her grave, perhaps.

Great parentheses of stone
Proud lines now overgrown
Sacred to the memory...The memory?
The tired steps, the dead,
Returning to the earth.

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